Grain Legume Project

This project aims to demonstrate yield potential of various legumes under two different times of sowing in the Kwinana West Port Zone. The trial component of this project will assess the impact of sowing time on a variety of chickpea, faba, pea and vetch varieties. The seeding times will consist of early sowing (~mid-April) and then a later sowing (~mid-May) and will integrate with the growers seeding program. The farmer demonstration component of this project will assess two different varieties of Faba beans for their yield potential. The two varieties differ in their resistance to fungal pathogens. The performance of the following year’s crops will be recorded for both sites.

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Organic Soil Ameliorant Project

This project will evaluate a range of commonly available approaches to increasing the fertility of the ‘gutless’ soils in the medium and high rainfall zone of WA. This project will apply a combination of organic amendments and amelioration methods, to determine the grain yield benefit over three years. The return on investment for each approach will be evaluated to guide growers on the most profitable approach to improving poor productivity soils.

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Optimising Crop Establishment

Following on from the research Facey Group growers were involved in in 2018 with the crop establishment survey, there is now a more defined objective from the national project group for 2020/2021 that’s going to focus on Canola seeder set ups, with the aim to establish guidelines for optimum sowing recommendations that are tailored to be more seasonal and machine specific.

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Lime Incorporation Project

This project aims to quantify the value of lime applications by different incorporation methods and compare the economic and agronomic returns of each. This trial also includes an application of a rapidly acidifying Elemental Sulphur to demonstrate how soils and crops will perform 10-years into the future if no action is taken to maintain pH levels. The trial also aims to analyse the interactions between each incorporation technique and its effects on ameliorating other crop constraints.

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Double Break Rotation Project

The objective of this trial is to demonstrate that growing canola followed by a high value legume can lead to an effective and profitable double break crop sequence. The contribution of an early sowing date versus a traditional sowing date to increase the profitability of these crops will also be evaluated. The project will determine the economic value of a double break crop sequence incorporating a high value legume, and the impact of this rotation on the grain yield and profitability of these crops will also be evaluated.

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