GRDC Harvester Set-Up Workshops

Project Funder: GRDC

Project Lead: Primary Sales Australia Pty Ltd
Project Code: PRS2005-001SAX
Project Duration: 2020-2025


Project Aim/Overview

Grain losses during harvesting equate to significant lost income for growers across Australia every year.

To support growers in their efforts to reduce harvest losses and improve operations at harvest time, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has funded a multi-year national project ‘Optimising harvest losses, efficiency, and weed seed control; and capacity building for future delivery’ otherwise known as the Harvester Set-Up Project of which the Facey Group coordinates the Western Region workshops.

Workshops are designed to enable Australian grain growers, contract harvesters and machinery dealers to maximise harvest efficiency by minimising harvest losses, reducing grain damage, managing weed seeds, and returning more profit per hectare through the economic optimisation of harvester set-up including harvest weed seed control. The presenters within the workshop are Peter Broley (Primary Sales Australia), Ben White (Kondinin Group), Brett Aspher (Independent), Kassie van der Westerhuizan (Harvest Specialist), Peter Newman (Planfarm) and Murray Skayman (Harvest Specialist).


Workshop Content

  • Understanding the impact of harvest loss, how to measure it, how to change your harvester to reduce  losses, grain storage.
  • HWSC latest information, sharing how to set-up for effective HWSC using mills systems (iHSD, Seed Terminator, SCU) chaff decks & chaff lining.
  • Reducing the risk of harvester fires.
  • Improving harvester capacity and efficiency.
  • Managing Harvest operations, productivity, and economics

2024 Workshop Locations

2025 Workshop Locations

  • 10th Sept – Gairdner
  • 11th Sept – Dumbleyung
  • 12th Sept – Yealering
  • 13th Sept – Beacon
  • 16th Sept – Esperance
  • 11th Sept – Carnamah
  • 12th Sept – Yuna
  • 15th Sept – Dandaragan
  • 16th Sept – Mingenew
  • 26th Sept – Bolgart


Reducing Harvest Fires

GRDC Publications. Written by Ben White, Kondinin Group

GRDC publication by Peter Newman and Marcel Kringe with benchmarks/targets for crop type. 

GRDC GroundCover publication by Jo Fulwood.

GRDC sponsored video on YouTube by Peter Newman (Part 2).

GRDC calculator for measuring harvest loss any tray.

Kojonup GRDC Harvester Forum 2020 – Ben White. YouTube.

GRDC Forum 2020 YouTube.

Harvest Weed Seed Control

YouTube video with Ben White, Peter Newman, Marcel Kringe and Tom Draffen (BCG).

GRDC Forum West River 2020 with Ben White. YouTube.

Grain Storage


These podcasts from Harvest Loss Reduction are sponsored by Primary Sales and conducted by Jo Fulwood with leaders in the field. Many of which presented at the forums or are growers who have “given it a go” since the forums last year.

Glen Riethmuller – Harvester loss measurement from front to back.

Brett Asphar – Reducing rotor loss, harvest weed seed control and performance

Peter Newman – Measuring your losses 

Rob Edgerton-Warburton – Bio-mass (direct heading and windrow canola)

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