Investigating the benefits of multispecies cover crops in low rainfall mixed farming systems.

Key Messages:

  • Various summer cover cropping species successfully established and survived over the summer period on minimal summer rainfall in the Wickepin region.
  • Pasture mixes, Sunflower, and Sudan Grass produced high levels of biomass and withstood grazing.
  • There was no significant effect on the yield of the subsequent winter crops during this trial.


Two farmer demonstrations and a small plot trial evaluated the effects of summer cover crops in the Wickepin region. They included single and multi-species summer cover crops compared to typical chemical fallow. Then the impact of these cover crops on the subsequent years’ yield was examined. Winter crops were established in April 2022, canola in the small plot, and wheat on the farmer demonstration plots.

Soil samples were taken before spring sowing, prior to seeding, and at harvest for the small plot trials and both trial types. Biomass, yield, and grain quality were assessed at harvest in December 2022. The collected soil samples have been submitted to Southern Cross University for analysis and nutrient and soil health parameters will form part of the evaluation of results.


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This formed part of a larger project with Southern Cross University and Regenerative Agriculture Alliance Australia. Click the link below to review their project findings.


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