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BASF Farmer Demonstration

Key Messages

  • Luximax® (Group 30) will reduce grass weed pressure effectively and safely as other pre-emergents on the market. It reduces resistance pressure on other chemicals and has no resistance to its chemistry.
  • Voraxor® (Group 14) is an efficient and comprehensive broadleaf weed control and provides residual suppression of annual rye grass.
  • Frequency® (Group 27) gives barley and wheat (including durum) growers a new tool to manage post-emergent broadleaf weed control. It has good compatibility to tank mix partners, and favourable plant backs compared to other Group 27 herbicides.


Facey Group and BASF are working together to demonstrate the effectiveness of Luximax® in conjunction with other pre-emergent broadleaf controls in wheat. This demonstration will also compare the effectiveness of Frequency® and Velocity® as a post-emergent herbicides in wheat.


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Further Information

Project Start Date: February 2023

Project End Date: January 2024

Host Farmers: Alan Manton and Kelly Pearce

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