Summit Fertilizers 2023 Trials

SOP Tolerance, P is Key, N Products

Project Summary 

As part of Summit Fertilizers commitment to trial research and their ongoing support of the Facey Group, they have once again invested in a relevant local trial, located north-east of Wickepin.  The trial site is situated next to the existing NVT trials, giving growers proximity to several trials to view at one site. Summit Fertilizers trial site consists of three separate research areas:

  1. P is Key
  2. Sulphate Of Potash (SOP) Tolerance
  3. N Products.

With increasing production rates, replacing what we take out of the soil is becoming increasingly important. The focus of ‘P is Key’ is to look at different rates of Phosphorus and what might be needed, while also trying to find the most economical rate to help yield and the bottom line for growers.

The SOP Tolerance trial looks at the comparative safety of SOP compared to the higher risk of toxicity with the product MOP (Muriate of Potash). MOP can cause issues due to its high salt index. With higher rates of fertilisers being used, it is important to see how far one can push the envelope before the crop is affected. The Facey Group team are interested to see what application rates are most beneficial regarding yield, profit, and emergence.

The third trial at the site is ‘N Products’, which looks at Nitrogen in various forms. For this, Summit applied five different types of Nitrogen products to the site to investigate results regarding emergence, yield, and profit. The trial has a slow-release product to compare with the other types traditionally used in general farming systems.

Further Information:

For more information, contact your local Area Manager, David Hull on 0477 923 684.

Project Start Date: 2023

Project End Date: 2024

Project Funding:  Summit Fertilizers

Project Lead: Summit Fertilizers

Host Farmers: Gary Lang

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