De-Risking the Seeding Lupin Project

Key Messages

  • Determine the suitability of new lupin variety, ‘Rosemount’ in the Facey Group growing region.
  • Understand the effects of dry sowing lupins.
  • Investigate the benefits of using wetters when dry sowing Lupins



This project is part of the Ag Excellence Alliance-led De-Risking the Seeding program, funded by the Future Drought Fund, and will look at the adoption of strategic dry-sowing crop management approaches. Lupins are uniquely suited to the acid, sandy soils common to the WA Wheatbelt region and are an important break crop that adds fixed nitrogen to the soil. The De-Risking the Seeding Lupin Project looks at new lupin variety, Rosemount, that was released by Australian Grain Technology (AGT) in 2024. Rosemount has been recommended for use in softer finishing situations and would suit southern WA environments.

In this trial, newly released Rosemount has been dry sown with typically grown Jurien to assess the suitability of the variety to the Facey Group region. This project will also look at the benefits of using wetters when dry sowing lupins, with wetter turned off in the middle section of the trial.


Further Information

Project Funding: Future Drought Fund

Project Lead: Ag Excellence Alliance Inc.

Project Start Date: February 2024

Project End Date: February 2025

Host Farmers: Graeme Manton

Image: AGT new lupin variety, Rosemount, showing good establishment at early establishment counts. June 2024

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