GRDC RiskWi$e Initiative

Key Messages:

  • Grain growers face increasing levels of risk: The two main risks faced by grain growers that affect their business success are yield (impacted by weather changes) and price volatility – both are expected to become more unpredictable in the future.
  • Improved understanding of risks empowers growers: With a better knowledge of risks, grain growers will be able to make decisions about on-farm management that maximise the rewards and minimise the downside risk.
  • RiskWi$e is designed to help growers manage risk: RiskWi$e will use participatory action research that engages growers in the conception to implementation process to help build trust and understanding of new knowledge on risk-reward that better informs decision-making on-farm.


Facey Group is participating in the GRDC-funded RiskWi$e initiative, that will run from 2023 to 2028. It seeks to understand and improve the risk-reward outcomes for Australian grain growers by supporting grower on-farm decision-making. RiskWi$e is conducted in partnership with grower groups, 6 action research groups, research/extension partners, CSIRO, and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). Facey Group is leading RiskWi$e work on Nitrogen Decisions and Sowing Decisions. Find out more via the link below:

To deliver RiskWi$e, a participatory action research methodology (a research approach that pro-actively involves members of communities affected by that research in the research itself) will be employed. The centrepiece of this will see growers and their advisers quantifying the probabilities of uncertain outcomes and assessing the risk-reward payoffs for specific management decisions in their farming operations.

RiskWi$e Themes

Facey Group has chosen to participate in the following themes to guide research, extension, and adoption:

  • Nitrogen (N) Decisions: The nitrogen (N) decisions theme will take a whole-of-system approach to help growers assess N decision strategies encompassing fertiliser and legume use.
  • Sowing Decisions: The sowing decisions theme will develop long-term strategies to help determine sowing location, varietal selection, and sowing timing while considering landscape, farm, and paddock conditions.

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Further Information

Project Start Date: February 2023

Project End Date: December 2028

Project Funding: GRDC

Project Lead: CSIRO

Project Collaborators:

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