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Mouse Surveillance Project

Key Messages

  • Conditions are suitable for increased mouse activity.
  • Facey Group is part of a state-wide survey to better understand mouse populations.


Facey Group is supporting Farmanco, GRDC and CSIRO to have a better understanding of mouse populations during 2023. We know good seasons can increase mouse numbers like they did in 2022. Having a good understanding of in-paddock mouse numbers across the state will assist growers in making prompt decisions when it comes to mouse control.

Facey Group has identified 10 different paddocks distributed throughout our region where growers want to test for mice. We will conduct surveillance tests four times across the year. Facey Group puts out chew cards, marks mouse burrows and returns the next morning. Assessment of chew cards and burrow activity can give farmers feedback about when to act. This information is sent to Farmanco and used to assess mouse populations and how they are changing across the state.


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Facey Group would like to thank GRDC and CSIRO for their involvement in this project.

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