Optimising Crop Establishment

Project start date: March 2020

Project End date: December 2021

Project Funding: GRDC

Project Lead: WANTFA

Project Collaborators: Facey Group, Corrigin Farm Improvement Group, Liebe Group.

Project Focus: Following on from the research Facey Group growers were involved in in 2018 with the crop establishment survey, there is now a more defined objective from the national project group for 2020/2021 that’s going to focus on Canola seeder set ups, with the aim to establish guidelines for optimum sowing recommendations that are tailored to be more seasonal and machine specific.

Project Information:
The 2021 farmer demonstration scale trial will be investigating the effect of seeding depth (1,2 and 5cm) and wetter application (0L/ha or 3L/ha SE14) on canola establishment. There are three replications of each treatment in a randomised layout.

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