Livestock & Pastures

Livestock & Pastures


The Livestock and Pastures specialty group is a forward thinking group and is focused on the current issues to keep sheep on farm. Stay tuned for new trials and demonstrations throughout the coming year.

Strategic Goal

The Livestock and Pastures Group will lead the change to ensure profitable, easy to manage, environmentally and ethically responsible and sustainable livestock enterprises.

Top 5 Priorities

  • Influence/ Educate community perception of our livestock industry.
  • Increasing/ improving production cost p/ha AND maximum production p/ha
  • Assisting members through education and information, to consider all facts when moving from wool to meat. Eg genetics, factsheets and case studies.
  • Looking at livestock enterprises as a profitable part of the whole farm business. Eg utilisation of all resources inc salt effected land.
  • Meeting Market needs.
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