Impact of time of sowing on yield of various grain and feed legumes and Faba Bean Variety trial in the Kwinana West Port Zone

Project Start Date: Oct 2021

Project End Date: April 2025

Project Funding: GRDC

Project Lead: Grower Group Alliance

Project Collaborators: WANTFA, WMG, CFIG, MADFIG, YUNA, Liebe, MIG, RAIN, SEPWA, SCF, Gillami, STC, LIFT

Project Focus: In the Kwinana West Zone, grain legumes other than lupins are not extensively grown or adopted in crop rotations. Recent advances in grain legume genetics, rhizobium acid tolerance, management strategies, and weed and disease protection products could enable more growers in this region to grow grain legumes. To achieve this, the Facey Group will conduct an evaluation of a number of grain legumes to learn more about these species in this region and what varieties work well. The results from this project will lead to further assessment of grain legumes in this zone.

In 2022, this project aims to demonstrate yield potential across two different sowing times. In a recent study conducted by Facey Group as part of a GRDC funded project, chickpeas were sown across two different sowing times. The results demonstrated a clear benefit of early sowing. The trial component of this project will assess the impact of sowing time on a variety of chickpea, faba bean, pea and vetch varieties. The seeding times will consist of early sowing (~mid-April) and then a later sowing (~mid-May) and will integrate with the growers seeding program. The farmer demonstration component of this project will assess two different varieties of Faba beans for their yield potential. The two varieties differ in their resistance to fungal pathogens. The performance of the following year’s crops will be recorded for both sites.

This agronomic research project will enable extension and learning on how to maximise grain legumes production in this zone. There is significant opportunity and benefit of growing more grain legumes in the Kwinana West Zones.

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