Increasing the profitability of the double break rotation in the MRZ of WA Wheatbelt through incorporation of an early sown high value pulse.

Project start date: 20th April 2020

 Project End date: 30th March 2023

 Project Funding: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Project Lead: West Midlands Group

Project Collaborators: Liebe Group, Corrigin Farm Improvement Group

Project Focus: The objective of this trial is to demonstrate that growing canola (with effective weed control options) followed by a high value legume (with higher economic value) can lead to an effective and profitable double break crop sequence. The contribution of an early sowing date versus a traditional sowing date to increase the profitability of these crops will also be evaluated.

The project will determine the economic value of a double break crop sequence incorporating a high value legume, and the impact of this rotation on the grain yield and profitability of these crops will also be evaluated.

Project Information/monitoring:
Sites are demonstration style without replication, in paddocks that grew canola in 2020. Plots will be 100m long by the width of the sprayer. The chick pea will have two times of sowing: early and late, which will be at least two weeks apart. The control will be a cereal crop sown at a date that maximises grain yield potential.

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