Barley Grass Weed Control Project

Project Start Date: April2020

Project End Date: March 2022

Project Funding: GRDC

Project Lead: Western Australian No Tillage Farming Association

Project Collaborators: Facey Group, DPIRD, Mingenew Irwin Group, South West Premium Wheat Growers Association, Consult Ag.

Project Focus: Barley grass at high density reduces crop yield. However, GRDC projectUA00156 (Seed bank ecology of emerging weeds) has highlighted that barley grass eco types in Western Australia are often short and are likely to be highly sensitive to crop competition. Initial control with pre-emergent herbicides combined with high seeding rates in cereal crops may be sufficient to control this species.

The aim of this project is to demonstrate and validate the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in low rainfall zone farming systems.

Project information: This experiment is testing localised integrated weed management strategies against barley grass using a large plot demonstration scale replicated trial. Three seeding rates of 40, 80 and 120kg/ha of barley were trialled to determine the impact of seeding rate on barley grassweed density. Pre-emergent applications of 2Lor3L/ha Trifluralin was incorporated during seeding, and a post-emergent herbicide application of Intervix® was applied to half the treatments to determine the effect of pre and post-emergent herbicides.

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