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Barley Comparison Trial

Key Messages

  • 2022 was an excellent season for Barley in Yealering mainly due to sufficient rainfall.
  • Facey Group farmer scale trials yielded similar to the NVT’s but with a much more efficient use of fertiliser.
  • Malt accreditation continues to lag and grain quality cannot be relied on so planning and planting for yield will optimise profit.


A farmer-scale trial site selected 5 barley varieties for suitability for the region and sowed them in plots with 3 replicates.  There were strong trends regarding yield that approximately followed the results for the NVT for barley in Yealering, 2022. Beast was significantly different to Scope (P-Value 0.001) but the differences between the other varieties was not statistically significant. Figure 1 compares this trial to the NVT for 2022.

The host farmers achieved these yields with 36 units of N/ha whereas the NVT applied 130 units of N/ha throughout the season. Clearly, N availability was not the limiting growth factor, especially for Beast. This demonstrates how effective fertiliser budgets can enhance margins. Grain quality results were variable with Beast being the only grain that qualified for Malt.


2022 was a great season for Barley in Yealering with all trialled varieties performing above or close to the Long Term Multi Environment Trial (MET) Predicted Yield. Beast was a strong performer in this above-average rainfall year. Compared to the 2022 Yealering NVT’s Combat, Rosalind, and Maximus (malt accredited) might also be worth consideration. Grain quality and approval for Malt with new varieties continue to be an issue and yield considerations should take precedence when planning a cropping program.


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GRDC Report on the National Varietal Trials each year. Link the link below for more information. https://nvt.grdc.com.au/trial-results


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